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Welcome to the world of wood pellets

Your interest is shared by thousands of others who, like you, want to be self- reliant, or want to be another step away from the fossil fire, or are looking to save money, or maybe just want to find a way to get rid of that cellar full of old newspapers and cardboard left. In any case you'll need answers to help you make your own pellets and those answers are in this FREE guide.

Why pellet mills?

Large production mills can cost in excess of $500,000 just for the pellet mill alone, not including pre- and post-processing equipment that is needed for a large-scale operation. Flat die pellet machines are a good, low-cost answer to the much more expensive ring die mills which are used for large production around the world. A flat die mills are simple enough for you to use to get the small production that your family need. Also, flat die mills can be used alone, i.e., we don't need to have any pre- or post- production equipment to make the amount of pellets needed for our own consumption. The only added equipment and supplies that we might need to make our own pellets are a small cement mixer, some 5 gallon buckets, maybe some quarter-inch chicken wire, some pellet binder, and water. So instead of spending $1 million to set up a pellet plant we can set up our own pellet mill and make our own pellets for our own use while avoiding the maintenance and repair costs of the big guys

What can you find in this FREE guide?

In this Guide we explore the use of raw materials, maintenance, and many of the other variables that go into making a good burnable pellet. We even explore whether it's a good match for you to make your own pellets or not. That's right; it really is not for everyone. But if it is for you, rest assured that heating with your own homemade pellets keeps you just as warm as if you paid six dollars a bag at your local dealer and bought the pellets that the big pellet mills made.

We suggest you read the entire Guide to get a better understanding of the many aspects of pellet making that you'll need to know when making your own pellets. But for many of you, a quick end to your frustration is what you're looking for and the reason why you bought this Guide. Trust us, we know! The difficult part is getting good quality pellets consistently. It sometimes seems that one day we can make great pellets, and the next day we just plug our die. If you don't read the rest of this Guide and understand all the different variables that go into making a good pellet, you may never understand why that happens.

For the rest of you who do read this entire Guide, understand each variable and how they relate to each other, you'll be able to turn on your pellet mill and make pellets every time. Keep in mind, the more often you use your pellet mill, the more skilled you will become at making pellets. So read this Guide through more than just one time, refer to it frequently, and try to understand each chapter as we've tried our best to explain it.

If you do have more questions or you don't fully understand a chapter in the Guide and you want to get some answers, feel free to send us your email to info@pelletmill.info

Are you wondering what the content is in this FREE GUIDE?
We list some topics below which you may concern:
  • What is the pellet making process in details?
  • How to choose and prepare suitable raw material?
  • Where is the right place for making pellets?
  • Which type of pellet mill is right for you?
  • How to control the moisture?
  • Which kind of binder do you need and how to add it?
  • How to adjust die and roller to control appropriate pressure?
  • How to maintain the pellet machine?
  • How to store your pellets?
  • More topics inside this FREE guide
In this FREE guide, you can dig out other worthy things in addition to these above topics, you will also find our professional answers which help you to start making your own pellets!

A Must See Video on Pellets!

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The free guide was great! I didn’t realize just how many raw materials can be used as fuel. Thanks Biotech.

Dan Green

I recently bought a pellet mill after reading Biotech’s paid guide. The guide covers everything. Me and my family are now having fun making pellets together. A+ Biotech.

James Patterson

Before reading the free guide I thought making pellets would be very difficult, but now I think I can do it.

Nina Laden

I like how the guide suggests different manufactures to buy from. Very helpful when deciding who to buy from.

Steve Berry

I can’t believe this guide is free. It has more information than a
paid guide I bought from a different company. Wish I saw this first.


I was clueless about pellet making before I read this. Now, the process is much more clear.

J.D. Robb

One of the dominant trends in biomass pellet production is the shift to large-scale facilities.
In consideration of this ongoing trend in the biomass industry, we have introduced a second e-book: A Guide to Large-scale Biomass Pellet Production. In under 70 pages it details government incentives, to key technical aspects of the machinery, to market standards for the final product.