Wood Pellets Production

Build Your Own Pellet Mill

Do you want to make biomass wood pellets from your yard debris? Do you want to build your own pellet mill? I think the answer is definitely yes! With the development of economy and society of the modern world and the continuously uprising heating cost, more and more people are paying attention to environmental protection and at the same time tying to find an alternative for oil and gas.



Wood pellets are absolutely the perfect one you are looking for


Build one’s own pellet mill at home has gradually become a very fashionable trend. But you should bear in mind that build your own DIY pellet mill is really not an easy task. It is indeed technically possible to some extent, however, this is extremely difficult to accomplish according to reality. Because your DIY pellet mill is cost effective and time consuming, you will unconsciously waste a lot time and money. If you want to build your own pellet mill to make pellets for your needs, you should also know some other equipment besides pellet mill are also needed in the whole pelletizing process. As a result, you can naturally come to the conclusion that choose pellet mills that made by professional pellet mill manufactures is your right choice on the condition that you want to guarantee the consistently and efficiently of your wood pellets.



As we have mentioned before, if you want build your own pellet mill or just DIY a pellet mill to produce pellet is really difficult, other equipment sometimes will also be necessary. It depends on what your raw materials is like, because pellet mills are such equipment that used to combine small materials like powder to solid pellets shape, so if you prefer to make logs into wood pellets, you should reduce raw materials size first, in that case, wood chipper, hammer mills will be used in your pelelting process. Also, not only the particles is small enough to be put into your DIY pellet mill, the moisture content also should below a certain standard, pellets must be dry enough for pelletizing, so in this case, you will need a cooler then. Even when pellets are finished, you will need packing machines to pack them to protect them from being damp, or these pellets will be useless.



In a word, build your own pellet mill or DIY pellet mill is not easy, Think twice before you make your decision!