Wood Pellets Production

Flat Die Pellet Press

With the rapid development of animal feed industry and biomass energy saving project, this kind of Flat Die Pelleting Press machine has become very popular. Since it not only can process the feedstuff for animals, such as feed for fish, chicken, pig etc, but also can process the waste biomass material to wood pellet. This pelleting press machine has a history for more than 10 years. At the beginning, it mainly used to process the pellet as feedstuff. But recent years, people change the machine through improving the quality of main parts in the machine, in order to make it to process the waste biomass material such as sawdust, straw etc. The final wood pellet can be burned as green fuel in pellet stove or boiler.


During use of this flat die pellet mill, we received some feedback from our customers. They obtained some experience when they were using this machine to produce wood pellet. Hope it is helpful for you:
1) Best moisture is 15% for all materials
2) The temperature is constant about 90-95'C, you have to take over the pellet just coming out from this pellet press and cooling it before touching it by hand.


Flat die pellet press is designed for raw materials and biomass that develop a new pellet press machine. It is available to process wood chips, straw, chaff, bamboo shavings, peanut shells, bagasse, alfalfa and other raw materials.

Performance Features:
1. Transmission gears made of high quality alloy steel, surface adopts carburizing and quenching treatment, precision machining by grinding, smooth transmission, low noise, large carrying capacity, low temperature rise, long life etc.
2. Spindle with a heavy thrust bearing, support axial force, long life.
3. Pellet press uses large diameter roller, big yield, pelletizing rate is high, uniform high strength pellets.
4. Roller and flat die wear peace deal, both sides can use the flat die, long service life.
5. All bearings are sealed structure that effectively prevent dust, improve the working bearings environment, extending bearing life.
6. Pellets diameter are from 6-12mm for user select.