Wood Pellets Production

PTO Pellet Mill

PTO pellet mill is a kind of special designed pelletizer for farm-used end customer, it features in flexible and integrated installation, easy to mount, high efficiency.  Designed to keep on going, the New type of PTO pellet mill nowadays is constructed to make its body more tiny. Combine that with a heavy duty worm gearbox and you've simply got the best per- forming small production wood pellet mill on the market today! We are the hands-down leader specializing in small wood pellet production machinery. The New type of PTO pellet mill was over a year in design and testing to bring you reliability right out of the box!  It comes with one full year defective parts warranty.

A bonus feature to this PTO pellet mill is the future ability to 'trade up' in size. The mill we currently offer is a smaller one, but a series new type with various size and capacity give you more choice to meet you requirement. All models will be based on the same gearbox enabling the consumer to interchange just the top housing to increase production rather than purchasing an entire unit.

After using PTO pellet mill, you will find a very simple solution of dealing with the grass and straws in your back yard or in the farm. Furthermore, you can also get an extra financial benefit from making pellet by PTO pellet mill.

When you are thinking of cleaning this PTO pellet mill, you need not to call a mechanical company or service company to pay them to help you, just do it by yourself. This is another financial benefit because of money saving.