Wood Pellets Production

Pellet Equipment

The pellet equipment used to produce pellets varies depending on the raw material that is being processed. Material density, particle size and moisture content all have significant effects on productivity and quality.


Pellet Mill


The pellet mill is the key piece of pellet equipment used in pellet production. There are two key designs of pellet mill, either the flat die or ring die design. With flat die designs predominantly used for small scale pellet equipment, and ring die designs used for large scale pellet equipment.


Wood Pellet Mill


A wood pellet mill has several distinct features that make it more suitable for wood pellet production. Wood pellet equipment generally operates at a lower speed to other biomass pellet mills, to provide more torque and power.


Grass Pellet Mill


As grass is an easier material to compress compared to wood, grass pellet equipment generally operates at higher speeds. There is also a lot less load on the bearings of grass pellet equipment, and consumable parts generally last longer.


Wood Pellet Prices


The prices that pellet manufactures charge for their wood pellets is dependant on the grade of material they put into their wood pellet equipment. For example to produce premium wood pellet fuel, the raw material must be free from bark, which will increase ash.


Pellet Fuel


At BiofuelTech we produce and burn a wide variety of pellets made with our pellet equipment.


Wood Pellets Production Guide


Using pellet equipment is a skilled process, and requires the correct user knowledge to use the equipment efficiently. At BiofuelTech we produce small pellet equipment to process a wide range of biomass materials. We have learnt that there is a great amount of interest in how pellets are made, and we have therefore developed the Wood Pellet Production Guide.