Wood Pellets Production

Pellet Machine Price

It is investigated that plenty of people in many different countries are looking for pellet machines. The first they concern about is the pellet machine price. What they also concern about is the wood pellet prices.


Wood Pellet Prices

Wood pellet prices change depending on fuel quality, market demand and available supply. The prices of wood pellets, although not constant, are far more stable than oil and gas prices. The price of wood pellets also has a more stable future than fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are based on a limited resource, and are controlled by only a few countries, who will obviously keep the price as high as the market will allow. Political disputes can also easily affect the prices of oil and gas, and in some cases the supply can stop altogether. Fossil fuels such as oil and gas are also a key factor in increased carbon dioxide levels within the environment and global warming. Therefore taxation on fossil fuels, including oil and gas will increase, raising prices further. Wood pellets can be produced from local purpose grown, and waste wood resources. This has several benefits in creating jobs in the collection, processing and distribution of pellets. Also local wood pellet production and consumption reduces transportation distances and costs. So local wood pellets can support the local economy, keep transportation CO2 and costs to a minimum, and importantly keep wood pellet prices low.


Wood Pellets Cost


Wood pellet prices are also dictated by the grade and quality of the fuel. The highest priced wood pellets are premium pellets. Premium pellet manufactures only use specific species and grades of wood resources. The wood must also have all bark removed, to keep the ash percentage as low as possible, to keep premium pellets an ultra low maintenance fuel.


Wood Pellet Shortage


In recent years wood pellet shortages have occurred. In one instance this was caused by the collapse of the housing market. This then effected the construction industry, which effected the wood timber industry. Much less sawdust was then produced through timber processing, and premium pellet manufactures struggled to acquire raw material to make pellets. The prices of premium pellets then began to rise. This is where purchasing a wood pellet stove or boiler which can burn a wider range of fuel pellets can give the option to use cheaper fuel pellets. Please visit the Wood Pellet Stove and Boiler guide for more details.


Pellet Machine


A pellet machine is the piece of the equipment used to produce wood pellets. Pellet machines come in various different sizes and power ratings. They can range from a few horse power machines for individual or home use to several hundred horse power for large scale production.


Wood Pellets Production Guide


To increase the supply of wood pellets in this constantly growing market, more individuals and organizations are interested in producing wood pellets. This could be on a home scale, semi-industrial or large scale. At BiofuelTech we produce mobile pellet machines, and we receive many requests for information on how wood pellets are made.