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Pellet Machine

A pellet machine is used to compress wood residues into wood pellets. Wood pellets have several different functions which include fuel pellets, animal bedding and even Barbecue pellets. The process of making wood pellets in a wood pellet machine depends on the fundamental concepts of pressure and heat. Pressure forces the wood in its new softened state into pellet shapes. Heat is necessary to break down the bonds inside the wood, and also to soften natural binding agent lignin. Several factors including moisture content, material density, particle size, natural binding abilities have an impact on how well the process operates and the quality of the pellets.


Wood Pellet Plants for Fuel Pellets

Wood pellet machines are most commonly used to produce wood pellet fuel. In recent years wood pellet fuel has grown rapidly in popularity due to high oil prices and concerns about climate change. Once the wood has been processed through the wood pellet machine, a high quality, high density, high heat value fuel is created. One of the many advantages to wood pellet stoves and boilers, is that they can feed fuel at a controlled regulated rate into the burn chamber to obtain the desired heat value. Wood pellet fuel also burns far more efficiently than traditional wood logs. This means a higher heat value can be achieved with less fuel, less maintenance is required and much less smoke is produced to improve air quality. In fact once a pellet fire is up to temperature, no visible smoke or particles are seen coming from the flue.


Are There Small Wood Pellet Machines?

Wood pellet production is dominated by large scale producers. However more people are interested in producing wood pellets on a small scale. Therefore at Biofueltech we are developing a small portable wood pellet machine, to process various wood and biomass residues into pellets. The unit covers raw material size reduction, together with variable speed feeding and pellet mill.


Help With Quality Wood Pellet Equipment

Using a wood pellet machine to produce quality wood pellets is a technically demanding process. The operator must have an in-depth knowledge of how the process operates, and the possible complications and issues that could arise. As more individuals and organizations are looking into wood pellet machines, at Biofueltech we have developed a guide on the process, to provide background knowledge before purchasing any equipment.


The Wood Pellet Prices You Can Expect

Obviously when working out whether it's a good idea to start a pellet business you look at what price you will get for the product you produce. In terms of wood pellets it depends on the quality of the pellets, and also current market supply. For example in 2007 there was a shortage of wood pellets due to a lack of sawdust. This made the price of pellets double.