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More And More People Would Like To Know Steps To Create Wood Pellets For Fuel

Demand for wood pellets has risen dramatically throughout the last decade. Concern over climatic change and concern over the cost of fossil fuels including gas and oil is driving the demand. As demand for wood pellets and other biomass fuel pellets increases, the supply of wood pellets should also increase.


The Totally free Beginners Guide To Making Pellets

At Biofuel Tech we wish to educate you not just about how pellets are created, but how quality pellets are created. The process could possibly get quite complicated, and even before you consider purchasing a pellet mill or any other equipment you ought to have a thorough understanding of the process. To help, we have prepared a free beginners guide to making pellets, just enter your details below.


How The Pellet Mill Works, Also Known As The Pellet Machines Or Press

The pellet mill is at the heart of making pellets, and there are many different types of pellet mill to select from. However not every pellet machine is fit for purpose. For instance some pellet machines are designed just for animal feed but are now been sold and promoted as pellet machines suitable to make wood pellets.


What Experience Do Biofuel Tech Have In Making Wood Pellets For Fuel?

We have researched and developed equipment for pellet production. Through our experience we have learnt the intricate information on how the pellet mill operates. The pellet mill needs material properly prepared to be able to form quality wood pellets and other quality biomass fuel pellets.


So How Are Quality Wood Pellets and Biomass Pellets Made?

Well, there is a lot more to it than simply dropping material into a pellet mill and longing for quality pellets to come out the other end. We have had to help many people who have fallen into the trap of been told by pellet mill re-sellers that,


 "Making pellets is easy!"

Been able to produce quality pellets is a true skill, whether you are making pellets at home or in a large scale pellet production facility. As with any skill you can only learn through good advice, and that's what we hope to give you with the free Beginners Guide To Making Pellets and the full Biofuel Tech guide.


Making Pellets Is About Quality, Productivity and Energy Used

Putting material into a pellet mill to make a 'pellet' is not difficult at all. For a fuel pellet to be fit for purpose it needs to have a good density and low moisture content, and you cannot tell the difference just by looking at them. The only way to produce a quality pellet is to know what you are doing.

As well as the quality of the pellet, to make pellet production a worth-while venture you need to achieve maximum productivity and keep pellet mill energy consumption to a minimum. For instance, just a 2% change in raw material moisture content has shown to reduce pellet mill productivity by 70% and pellet mill energy consumption to increase by a massive 39%!