Wood Pellets Production

Pellet Making Machine Manufacturers

Nowadays there are so many wood pellet making machine manufacturer all over the world, before you purchasing a pellet mill, you should take many factors in consideration. For example, the quality of the machines, the experience of the pellet making machine manufacturer of the wood pellets machine and the like.

With over 10 years' experience of making wood pellets making machines, we are also dedicated to offer top quality dependable services at all times. We are always at our customers' service. Our team is comprised of several hundred engineers, sales, research and development and customer service staff throughout China. We are also proud to be an ISO9001 quality certified pellet making machine manufacturer as well as CCC certified for our low voltage Electric Appliance. Many of our European customers will be glad to know our pellet mills are also CE certified.

Wood Pellets Making Machines

Wood pellet Making Machine is for pressing all kinds of bio-mass material to be solid pellets for burning fuel or animal feeding. We have new improved models for wood pellet making specially. According to European standard and requirement, we have improved our pellet making machines. With closed house to cover motor, CE electrical parts & insolated protective plate for the electrical panel, our Pellet Mill also can process all kinds of sawdust. Paddy Straw, Sunflower Stalk, Forestry Wastes, Wood Chips, Chemical and Many Other Wastes or Solid Powder Material. Our pellet mill have CE certificate, Which All Parts Can Meet EU Standard. Wood pellet Making Machine with diesel engine drive can make all kinds of bio-mass material to be solid pellets which are for burning fuel or animal feed.