Wood Pellets Production

Pellet Making Machinery

The idea of buying a wood pellet making machinery to have at home is a great one. It is really not that big of a challenge but you will need a wood pellet machine. There are some great things that come out of this, of making the switch to wood pellets, and you can even make your own right at home. Now it will just be a matter of finding your wood pellet making machinery.

Making wood pellets is a process which can be achieved on both a large and small scale. As with most industries, the development of large scale wood pellet plants currently dominates the wood pellet production market. However, there is a growing number of wood pellet machineries available for even small home owners to use to produce there own pellet fuel. However there is very little information available on which wood pellet making machinery is suitable to process different biomass materials for fuel pellets.

There are different types of pellet making machinery and you will also need to know what kind will best suit your needs. Different types of wood process differently as do other agricultural wastes that you can use such as straw or corn stalks. Some types of machinery are easier to operate and have less maintenance than others. The different types of metal that the dies are made from can greatly affect the amount of maintenance that your machinery will need.

Model ZLSP R-Type series small pellet press, the new type of wood pellet mill, is specialized in industrial biomass fuel field, which can be used in the process of sawdust, straw, chaff, bamboo crumbs, peanut shell, bagasse, alfalfa and so on.