Wood Pellets Production

Pellet Manufacturing Equipment

Pellet manufacturing equipment is using environmentally friendly technology while to be able to turn out premium quality and quantities of production. Their pellet mills form wood mass (for making wood pellets) in such as way in which less energy or power is consumed. How can they do this?


First, pellet manufacturing equipment carries a high tolerance for moisture content, hence the drying process is often eliminated if you use their machines. Also, their pellet mills don't require the use of a cooling tower because the pellet removal from the dies is completed by air suction with fines. That's because they've got interlocking particle layers to produce a denser pellet.


In addition, while traditional pellet manufacturing equipments contain a fixed die speed, some of the new type machines have variable die speeds. The dies are engineered for two thousand to four thousand hours, in comparison with just eight hundred to two thousand hours using the traditional pellet manufacturing equipment. You don't even need any additives or binders in making pellets.


In addition, the newest pellet manufacturing equipment sometimes has a double die design. This design expels the pellets toward the die core, hence the operating environment is much cleaner. Also, the utilization of inertia around the rotating dies lessens the energy consumption of the entire process normally. But at the same time, these pellet mills can easily make the highest density pellets that are available in the market today.


Typically, around one point ninety-two tons of raw materials are required to make one ton of pellets. Their pellet manufacturing equipment can provide just about any sort of residue from forest industries, such as wood shavings, sawdust, barks, poor quality logs, etc, to make wood pellets. If you are engaged in the manufacturing of pellets for agricultural uses, these pellet manufacturing equipments are also able to make pellets from hay, spoiled grains, straw, and so on.


It is possible to choose from kinds of production sizes for your pellet manufacturing equipment. They come in one half ton each hour, two tons per hour and five tons per hour variations. If your pellet manufacturing needs are higher than these though, they can custom make a machine for you easily.