Wood Pellets Production

Pellet Mill Equipment


Pellet Mill Equipment

A pellet mill is at the heart of any pellet production operation. The pellet mill has got the main task in pellet formation, and is hence the most energy intensive and expensive piece of pellet mill equipment. The main components of the pellet mill are the roller and die. There are two main designs of pellet mills such as the flat die and ring die pellet mill. The die is where pellet formation takes place, it contains a series of holes at a predefined diameter. For instance most pellet stoves require a 6 or even a 4mm pellet, where many pellet boilers can use up to an 8mm pellet.


Pellet Mill Die and Wood Pellet Equipment

The pellet mill die is the most important part of pellet mill equipment. The die plays the most important role in pellet quality, pellet mill productivity and pellet mill energy consumption. The die must be designed to do a balancing act, to obtain the pellet quality and density required while keeping pellet mill production as high as possible and keeping pellet mill energy consumption low. The wholes on the die are not straight, there is a relief at the entrance and exit of each one hole. These relieves help in compression and also flow through the die. There are specific hole designs for each raw material to attain maximum productivity and quality. However there are also die designs which are suitable for a general range of raw materials to save the cost of multiple dies.


Pellet Mills For Home Use Are Available

Starting a pellet plant and pellet production line can be a high capital project. Due to the energy, pressure and forces involved in pellet production, the equipment has to be heavy duty. However, at Biofueltech we provide a free consultation service to help clients purchase pellet production equipment directly from the manufacturer at the lowest possible prices. We provide a free consultation service on a range of pellet mill equipment including hammer mill, crushers, dryers, pellet mills and complete pellet plants. To learn more please visit the Biofueltech website to browse the products.


Pellet Plants And The Process Involved

There is a wide range of pellet mill equipment within a wood pellet plant to fulfill a range of process requirements. The main requirements range from particle size reduction, particle drying and finally pellet compression. To begin with, it is necessary to reduce the size of the raw material down to a small uniform particle size ready for the pellet mill. The general rule is the particle size must be smaller or equal to the diameter of the hole in the pellet mill die. So for example if you wish to produce a 6mm pellet, the particles which enter the pellet mill must be smaller than 6mm. To achieve this a hammer mill is generally used, with a screen of the appropriate size. Once the particles have been reduced, it is now time to dry the particles down to the required 15% moisture. Now not all raw materials require drying, however most virgin wood resources do require drying. Once dried the particles can enter the pellet mill equipment. On large pellet mills this will mean first passing through a conditioner, perhaps with steam to prepare the material. Once in the pellet mill equipment, pellet compression can finally take place to form the pellet.