Wood Pellets Production

Pellet Plants



Pellet plants are a general term to describe equipment to provide a complete pellet production process from size reduction to drying, pellet compression and packaging. Pellet plants can be constructed on any scale, from a few hundred kilos per hour to tons.


Small Scale Pellet Plants

To make pellet production profitable, automation is the key. To produce quality pellets you need to give the pellet mill a material of a consistent quality at a consistent speed. Only an automated process can produce the same quality of pellets day in day out. Without automation, the labor required would make the costs of production too high. Therefore all pellet plants we support here at Biofuel Tech are based on complete automation. The whole process from the hammer mill, dryer, pellet mill etc is controlled and automated through a master control panel. This level of automation means that the whole pellet plant only requires one operator. In fact as long as the pellet plant as sufficient raw material available in the hopper the operator can be attending other duties. If there is an issue with the plant, for instance the raw material has ran out, the klaxon will sound and show the issue.


Large Scale Pellet Plants

If you are interested in taking you pellet production to the next level, we can help you with equipment to produce more than 2 tons per hour. The design of the large scale pellet plants are modular, this way they are much cheaper and quicker to assemble, and can easily be moved from one location to another within a day. The modular design also means that capacity can quickly be increased by simply adding more modules. This is the most flexible large scale pellet production plant on the market today.