Wood Pellets Production

Pellet Press

Flat Die Pellet Press

The flat die pellet press is developed from flat die feed pelletizing machine. It is a small pellet press which can process oil cake and other mixed biomass material into granule at one time. The product is columned granule with slippery firm and it can be used to feed animal or burn as biofuel or wood pellets.


For feedstuff use:
During the process of producing feed pellets, the temperature of pellet press can reach 70-80 centigrade. At this temperature, fecula can be made into paste in pellet press. The inside granule is cooked fully, so the pellets will be not easy to go moldy and degenerative.This kind of cooked pellets can be stored for a long time and improve poultry dainty and assimilation function for feed animal. It also can shorten the period of feeding, so it can efficiently guarantee many users’productive cost.


For wood pellets or biomass pellets use:
This series flat die pellet presses can be used for producing wood pellets and biomass pellets, too. Wood pellets are made of all kinds of wood waste. Biomass pellets are made of peanut sheller, corn stalk and other biomass materials. In the process of making wood pellets, the lignin and resin of woods can serves as binder for pellet briquetting. If the material lack of resin, starch or sugar can be used as binder or it won’t form wood pellets by flat die pelleting press. In fact, this kind of small pellet press is very easy to operation if you master some important means to mix suitable materials. The small pellet press are very convenient for solving the wast of wood mills or agri-farm. The biofuel pellets produced by them can bring you a warm winner for fireplace or supply as fuel for cooking.


Ring Die Pellet Mill

The GM series Ring Die Pellet Mill is for middle or big sized pelletizing plant. The working principle of ring die pellet mill is as the following:
The process of pelleting consists of forcing a soft material through holes in a metal die plate to form compacted pellets which are then cut to a pre-determined size. The machinery related pellet press which has been developed for this purpose is very diverse in design now. There is much controversial point between different pellet press manufacturers on which type of pellet mill is the most effective. Now, most ring die pellet mills have one or more conditioning units mounted above them where liquids such as water can be added to improve pelletability. The water is sometimes added in the form of steam, resulting in firmer pellets produced.
Usually the ring die plate rotates itself, and on its outer-side stationary knives cut the pellets to a pre-set length. From there, they are transferred to a cooler or drier to remove the heat generated during the pelleting process or added during steam conditioning. The moisture content of the pellets also needs to be reduced for better storage after processing by ring die pellet mill.