Wood Pellets Production

Pellet Production Line

Wood pellet production is really a very skilled process, not merely wood pellet mill but probably some other pelletizing equipment will likely be applied to the pellets production line. A great knowledge regarding how to modify the moisture, particle size and exactly how and when to add binders is quite important when making wood pellets. Because raw material is various, making wood pellets also requires correct equipment and understanding of how to perform and set up a pellet press mill in order to produce quality pellets. Wood pellet production means compressing loose wooden material straight into compact wood pellets form along with uniform dimensions, shape and density.


Pellets Production Line

Pellets Production line also named as pellet plant or more simply wood pellet plant. However in order to achieve pellets of good quality requires a deeper understanding of how to make wood pellets.

At the outset, the first step in the pellets production line is to reduce the size of raw materials in order to pass the die holes smoothly and easily.

Secondly, you should remove moisture from the raw material for later pelleting process, drying is also one of the key criteria in  pellet production for much too moisture will make it harder for the pellet to hold its shape and at the same time as a burning fuel will either reduce pellets combustion efficiency or increase ash content. It is generally recommend to experiment with the moisture content of the raw material to obtain high quality  pellets and lowest energy usage as well.

Then comes the most important process in wood pellet production line – pelletizing. Put prepared raw materials into your pellet mill to processing wood pellets, but remember to avoid hard impurities like iron, stones etc. as these impurities may damage your pellet mills.

Fourth, cool down your pellets. Usually wood pellets are hot and have a lot of moisture after being pelletized from pellet mills. In this case, you should let them cool down by themselves or you can use a cooler to help you.

Last but not least, package your pellets properly for later use. Generally you would use a professional packing machine.