Wood Pellets Production

Pelleting Machine


This small granulation unit (pelleting machine) enables you to make pellets or feed granules out of your own materials. The device can be used for the granulation of sawdust, straw, biomass, paper etc, for fuel or for the granulation of feed and fodder mixtures.


Our pelleting machine has a very unique design. Its size and features are unparalleled on the market place today. Our pelleting machine is an industrial quality machine which produces as much as 150 kg of pellets on an hourly basis and is designed to run 24/7 if required. Two pellet mills can be easily operated concurrently by one person.


The pelleting machine is made up of dosage worm/auger with a closed feeding hopper. Material for granulation is placed into the feeding hopper. The auger brings the material to the feed arm, where the exactly defined quantity of material falls down to the blending chamber.


Working with our pellet mill is unique. The rest of the material is returned back with an overflow system to the feeding hopper, so the material continually circulates through the feed system. The overflow system and the feeding hopper are a closed circuit which reduces dust particles and product waste.


Material fed through the dosage system can be mixed with other added components i.e. water or other fluid, via our unique moisture dosing system. It then falls directly to the granulator. By means of high pressure and temperature the granulized material is partially plasticized while going through the granulation matrix.


Consistently shaped pellets are created as the material is forced through the matrix (or dies) at a certain pressure. The pellets fall through to a sorting apparatus where granules are separated from the dust and non-standard granules. After going through the sorting apparatus, the pellets are cooled down, which prevents them from falling apart later as a result of overheating.