Wood Pellets Production

Pelleting Machinery

Wood pellet machinery is just part of the whole pellet mill equipment. Wood pellet machinery would be the crucial equipment within the pelletizing process, so it is the more expensive and energy intensive pellet machinery among all the related pellet mill equipment. However, the key components of the wood pellet machinery are its die and roller. The die with a number of holes at a predefined diameter, is actually where pellet formation happens, and therefore becomes the significant part in the wood pellet machinery, it determines wood pellets quality, pellet machinery's productivity and energy consumption. Flat die pellet machinery has two various kinds of designs, one is stationery rollers with rotating die and the other is stationery die with rotating rollers shaft. The first type of design would work for personal home use, while wood pellet machinery with stationery die and rotating rollers is made to produce pellets for light industrial purpose as this type of design has a higher capacity than the first one.


There is quite a number of wood pellet machinery in the whole pelletizing plant, such as hammer mills, chippers, coolers, dryers, etc. but about when and which to use rely on the raw materials they are processing. Different from chippers and hammer mills, wood pellet machinery are designed to combine raw materials of small particles together. 


Whether you plan to make biomass wood pellets for residential use or for industrial and commercial even any other uses, select right pellet machinery will certainly help you realize your dream.


Wood pellet machinery can change kinds of wood waste material, or costly unwanted by-products from local sawmills into something of great value, for the reason that this type of biomass wood pellets is so popular alternative energy that can decrease carbon emissions, and at the same time, will work for our planet, and makes sound commercial sense!