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Currently, there are three kinds of biofuel separately as granular, massive, rod-like fuel on the market. Massive rod and briquettes are generally applicable to large-scale power plants, boiler plants, etc.. The granular are generally applicable to families, small and medium-sized power plants, boilers. The material for making biofuel pellets can be wood waste, hulls and stalks of all kinds of crops waste. For making wood pellets, as we all know, the two major types wood pellet machines are flat die and ring die series.

The ring die is familiar in feed pellets making home and abroad because so many companies are using them now. Ring die wood pellet machine can process bigger capacity production. Flat die wood pellet machine is more suitable for small scale production for home or farm use.


For wood pellets and biomass pellets burning use:

As we know, wood pellet machines are developed from feed pellet machines. The main improvement of pellet machines is the change of working pressure becasue of feedstock from feed to wood. As a result of raw materials to make feed is fine material such as corn, soybean meal, cottonseed meal and so on, with the high rate of adhesion. Moreover, the material will be pre-granulated quenched with steam, which can play in advance of material softening, in order to get better granulation and increased gloss particles. But for material like straw, wood chips, such as crude fiber, low adhesion itself, difficult to shape, if used as fuel particles, the density need big pressure to achieve. As a result of renewable energy in recent years gradually rise by the market, the wood pellet machines are becoming more and more matured.

Flat die series wood pellet machine is divided into two or more parallel roller press machine. They are applied to make organic fertilizer granulation in the past. For making fuel particles, the high pressure needed will bring a lot of wear and tear on the machine. Based of research on this problem, we introduced the German manufacturer of advanced pelletizing technology, combined with experienced engineers and the joint efforts of relevant departments, the new series of Wood Pellet Machines are developed. It differs the past with the following features:

1. The Use of Tapered Press Roller. The ends keep the same thread speed with the inner, external rings. There is no dislocation friction between roller and mould, which decrease resistance, reduce the kinetic energy loss, extend the life of the mold and lower down production cost. 
2. Three Observation Doors in pelletizing room, which easy to clean material at any time and maintain the equipments.
3. The Press Rollers are placed equally in the machine. They can work stably. The suppression room increased, which provide the product efficiency. 
4. The Use of Screw Stalk Center Pressure Control Device. The clearance of moulds can be adjusted bigger or smaller to adapt to different materials, to ensure that the effect of repress