Wood Pellets Production

Pelletizing Line

Pelletizing Line : Pelletizing equipments for the manufacture of wood pellets from sawdust, shavings, chips, sand, dust, etc. Pellet mills for residual wood products and by- products. Wood pellets are in high demand, and current supply cannot meet this demand. Therefore more and more people are interested in making pellets. At BiofuelTech we manufacture small-scale mobile pellet mill equipment. Wood Pellet production requires the correct equipment and the correct knowledge. Wood Pellet production is a skill-demanding process, and for an efficient process the operator needs to understand how the equipment works, and what raw material he needs to produce wood pellets. BiofuelTech Mainly Manufacture and Export wood pellet, including Wood Pellet Mills, pellet press, which is tailor-made, economical, efficient solution with latest technology. The wood pellet plant is designed to run 24 hours per day. Our System Solutions include shredding and grinding, Drying, Pelletizing, Cooling, Sifting, And Bagging.

The Renewable energy compression equipment is to process the saw-dust, stalk, grass, straw and weed into stick, piece and pellet, thus promoting the combustion rate per bulk. They are mainly used at the fuel in furnace, boiler and power plant, and the clinker after burning is directly used in the field as fertilizer.