Wood Pellets Production

Pelletizing System

The largest demand for pelletizing system and pellet plants is to produce wood pellets for pellet stoves, boilers and power plants. Wood pellets are also produced for many other uses including BBQ pellets.

Wood Pellets, Biomass Fuel Pellets, Pelletizing system and Complete Pellet Plants

The process of making pellets is often more complicated than most people realize. Making quality pellets is definitely not just about putting any material through pelletizing system and expecting to see quality pellets come out. There are many aspects such as material particle size, moisture content, binder, heat and compression etc that are all significant factors of the process that impact on pellet quality, and pelletizing system energy consumption. We can educate you on how quality pellets are produced and provide the best pellet mills for the job.

The Mini Pellet Mill and Making Wood Pellets At Home

A BiofuelTech we provide pelletizing system for all scales of production, from the home all the way up to large scale commercial operations. We also provide Technical Guide on Pelletizing system. If you want to learn more about pelletizing system, please leave your name and E-mail address in the chart below.