Wood Pellets Production

Pellets Making Machine

Pellets making machine which is often referred to as pellet press or wood pellet mill are utilised to manufacture wood pellets for making energy from ready raw material (wood chips, sawdust, planer shavings, etc.). Wood pellet making machinery varies in sizes from three kilowatt to 375 kilowatt (five horsepower to 500 horsepower) or bigger. Model ZLSP R-Type series small pellet press, the new type of wood pellet mill, is specialized in industrial biomass fuel field, which can be used in the process of sawdust, straw, chaff, bamboo crumbs, peanut shell, bagasse, alfalfa and the like.

Our Pellet Making Machinery

Pellet making machinery is for pressing all kinds of bio-mass material to be solid biomass pellets for burning fuel or animal feeding. We have new improved models for wood pellet making specially. According to European standard and requirement, we have improved our pellet making machines. our Pellet mills can process all kinds of sawdust, like sunflower stalk, forestry wastes, wood chips, chemical and many other wastes or solid powder material. Our pellet making machinery has got CE certificate, Which can meet EU standard.

Kingman Industrial Co. Ltd was first established in 2001 and has administrative offices in Hong Kong and has a factory in mainland China. With ten years’ experience in manufacturing and exporting pellet making machine that aids the production of renewable fuels to over a dozen countries worldwide including countries in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa etc. Whether you plan to make biomass pellets, or pellets for dozens of other uses, we can provide a manual or automatic pellet mill equipment to meet your requirements. We are your trustable pellet making machine manufactures directly from China.