Wood Pellets Production

Pellets Mills

In the current market there are different types and uses of pellets mills. According to these characters, we often group pellets mills on the market into two types: Flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill machine. Flat die pellets mills are always applied for home and residential uses, on the other hand, ring die pellets mills are generally used to produce pellets for industrial and commercial uses.

Ring die pellet mill is a very popular design of pellets mills. With a ring shape die and a set of rollers, the ring die type is different from flat die pellet mills, they are used to produce wood pellets on a bulk for industrial and commercial purposes, and the rollers just part of the die. Ring die pellet mill is lager than flat die type in size, but the capacity is also bigger than the flat die pellet mill. During the pelletizing process, more friction and more heat occurs during the process, but you should realize this is not totally a bad thing for more heat will help lignin in the wood melt to form perfect pellets. There are till other advantages of the ring die pellet mills. Firstly, it doesn’t suffer uneven roller which means if you use pellet mills of ring die type, less wear will happen, because inner and outer edge of the roller covers the same distance.


The first obvious disadvantage of the ring die pellet mill is its size and weight. For large-scale production, it doesn’t matter at all, but if for small scale wood pellets production it will be a big problem. Changing rollers and dies in the ring die pellet mill need a lot of energy, let alone the dies of the mill, for dies are even heavier than rollers. In most cases lifting equipment is required to remove or replace the die. Apart from that, adjust the rollers is also inconvenient for they need manual roller adjustment, which can only be accessed by opening the pellet mill chamber. However this is not always the case, as some now come with optional remote roller adjustment at extra cost.