Wood Pellets Production

Ring Die Pellet Mill


What is a Ring Die Pelleting Machine


Ring die pelleting machine is another popular design of pellet mills. Different from flat die pelletizer machines, the ring die pelleting machine is always used to produce wood pellets on a large scale for light industrial and commercial purposes. Ring die pelleting machines are not as popular as flat die pelletizer machines for the more complicated design and higher costs, but they do have advantages over the smaller design for large scale wood pellet production. As the name suggests, in a ring die pelleting machine, the die include rollers just like a ring. In another word, the rollers just part of the die, the rollers bring to bear on the inner surface of the die when it start to work. A surge bin is used to put materials through variable speed conditioner, then the material will be fed into the pelleting machine door. A screw auger, however, will help put materials into the center of the pelleting machine chamber.



Advantages of a Ring Die Pelleting Machine:


There are also two advantages of ring die pellet mills. First of all, ring die pelleting machine generate less wear and tear when pelletizing for the reason that the inner and outer edge of the roller covers the same distance. Secondly, ring die pelleting machines are more energy efficient than the flat die design. Roller slip during the pelleting process brings extra friction, but this extra friction is a good element to produce quality wood pellets for more friction results in more heat.