Wood Pellets Production

Small Pellet Machine


What is small pellet mill?

As to small pellet mill usually refers to the flat die pellet mills for they are generally used for production of small to medium scale, while the other type can be often used for pellets production of medium to large-scale. Besides, Flat die design has simple structure and design and at the same time can be easily operated, as a result become quite a fashionable type for most customers.

Pellet mills on the modern market are various in sizes and shapes and also different designs. Although flat die pellet mill comes earlier than the ring die machine, generally speaking flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill are the two main types now.


How does flat die pellet mill work?

According to different structures and designs, however, working principle is various. For example, some of the mills are using worm and wheel drive while others may adopt bevel gears. Some pellet presses’ die is driven meanwhile their rollers are stationary, some others are just in opposite situation.

Usually, you could follow the processes below:

The whole process is on a vertical flow.

Firstly, put materials into the feeder; second, let them fall down onto a set of rotating rollers over the die; thenï¼ÂŒmaterials will be compressed between the surface of die and the rotating rollers, while pellets coming out of the die they will immediately be cut into set length by a sharp knife.



Advantages of flat die pellet mills:


First of all, the greatest advantage of this small pellet mill lies in its compact structure and light weight. As known to us the size and weight is much smaller than a ring die design which enables it can be moved freely and more adjustable to smaller scale pellet production.


Secondly, its visibility is another merit for this small kind of pellet press. When

Problems such as producing even no pellets or poor quality pellets happen during the pelletizing process, if you can see the whole process in the chamber you will naturally find what the real problem is and solve it quickly to your continue procedure. It is impossible to look into the chamber directly for most pellet mills, but for the flat die design, you could simply view the pelletizing press in the chamber. As a result, many other raw materials can be produced in this type of mill, such as wood pellets, grass pellets and so on. 



Disadvantages of flat die pellet mills:


From the working principle above, we can naturally get that the friction is prone to cause increased wearing of the die and uneven roller during the pelletizing process. The inner and outer fringes will have various distances when rotating the die surface, for rollers will be slipped when the roller outer fringes are covering different distances. However, some flat die pellet mills have already improved their rollers to solve this problem, besides, more friction means more heat which is an extremely good factor for the melt of lignin to form a quality pellet.