Wood Pellets Production

Small Pellet Press


Wood Pellet Press with Rotating Roller Design:

There are two designs of flat die pellet mills or you can say small pellet press , they are wood pellet press with rotating die and small pellet mill with rotating rollers. With these two small pellet presses, you will know how to make wood pellets. The first type has a stationary roller shaft with a rotating die, as a result when making wood pellets the die is rotating while the rollers are stationary. The working principle of the second design is completely different from the previous one, it has a stationary die with a rotating roller shaft, so when working the die is stationary but the rollers are rotating.

As to the advantages of small pellet press with rotating roller design, we generally conclude into two main aspects. On the one hand, the design of rotating roller has much longer service life than the traditional design, it is about 2000 hours; on the other hand, the length of the wood pellets which produced by the design of rotating roller is much longer too, it could be 3cm or more.

1.  Scope of application

Model ZLSP R-Type series small pellet press, the new type of wood pellet mill, is specialized in industrial biomass fuel field, which can be used in the process of sawdust, straw, bamboo crumbs, peanut shell, bagasse, alfalfa and so on.

2. Special Features:

1. The gear of gear box uses high quality alloy steel with nitrogen case hardening dispose and grind accurately and particularly; it has steady transmission ,low noise, big bearing capacity, low rising rate in temperature and long life.
2. The main shaft is allocated with heavy load Thrust Bearing which bears strong axial force, and has long use life.
3. Use big diameter roller to produce in higher capacity, higher pelletizing rate, uniformity and higher strength pellets.
4. Making wear-resisting process on the roller and flat die, and both sides of flat can be used to extend the its life.
5. All bearings use sealed structure to prevent entering dust; change the work environment of bearings and extend the use life of bearings.
6. The diameter of pellets from 6-12mm, which can be chose by users freely.