Wood Pellets Production

Small Wood Pellet Machine


It is known to us that the pellet machine is a kind of energy saving machine which is becoming more and more popular in recent years. But with the development of society and economy,small wood pellet machine comes out for some people who want to use it at home for personal or private pelletizing.

With High-Tech, pellet machines can produce particles without using a belt drive shaft which is far more advanced than the previous one. The advantage of this type of machine is that it doesn't need adding any water when making particles. It is a machine of dry-out type.

It is mainly used for small-scale or personal feeding uses. The particles that pelletized by pelletizing machines can be stored for a long time, usually more than six months is really not a problem. Powder feed, grass meal can be directly pelletized or a little water is needed. Therefore, the moisture content of pellets is almost the same as materials that before pelletizing, which is convenient for storage.

During the process of small pellet machine operation, it also plays a bactericidal effect. With the 75 high temperature, microorganism bacterium will be totally killed while the material quality will not be affected.

The templates and pinch roller are delicately made of high alloy and wear-resistant materials, so the small pellet machine has the characters of long service life, durability, simple and reasonable structure, wide applicability, less occupied area and low noise etc.

One complete machine includes small pellet press, wood chipping machine, hammer mill, packing machine and so on.