Wood Pellets Production

Underwater Pelletizer

If you are looking for a kind of pelletizer, the underwater pelletizer can be your choice.

The modular extrusion pelletizing systems could be designed to receive molten feed material of all polymer types and processes. Choosing the best and proper equipment technology to satisfy your virgin resin production, compounding, scrap reclaim or another processing needs is a crucial factor to your profitability. Very small to very large top class systems are offered.

Product from a reactor, holding vessel, single or twin screw extruder, continuous mixer, mill, gear pump or other feed device could be processed. Additives can be incorporated and blended with the main product through a feed port, injection pump, or satellite side arm extruder. Degassing of volatiles or product filtration could be included where required. We can provide this mentioned equipment. The product is then discharged to the downstream pelletizing equipment on a continuous basis.
Whether you call a "pelletizer", "granulator" or "cutter", our Universal Underwater and Water Ring systems offer everything you need to produce high-quality, uniform pellets day after day and year after year. We offer many optional solutions to conventional, micro or macro pellet production by our unique design technology. These designs assure perfect cutting knife to die plate alignment regardless of thermal or mechanical variation of the feed equipment. Very broad product viscosity ranges may be easily processed. Solution oriented options and features allow ease of operation, highest processing performance, and highest product quality.

We can provide all the products and systems you need to produce the high-quality pellets your business demands. And, since we provide a full range of model sizes, you get more than simply proven quality and reliability. You get the freedom to build your pelletizing line around the system components that meet your exact requirements. All subsystem and support equipment such as screen changers, diverter valves, heating systems, classifiers, dryers, water systems, control panels, etc may be included to provide a total system concept. The end result is superior quality, highly reliable machine lines that turn pellets into bigger profits for you.

As the above may sound similar to other suppliers, we can guarantee that the specific execution that we utilize is dramatically better. Upon request we can provide further specifics of our unique and proprietary approaches, on-going continuous improvements and can supply specific contact references.