Wood Pellets Production

Used Pellet Mill

If you want to make wood pellets or biomass pellets, there is one piece of equipment you cannot do without, the pellet mill. However, a pellet mill is a very expensive piece of equipment. This has led many people to look for a used pellet mill in the hope of been able to start producing pellets on a limited budget. There are a lot of used pellet mills on the market; however most are for large scale production. For example you can find a lot of CPM pellet mills. However, as CPM is a premium brand, even their used pellet mills fetch a good price. However, you should be able to get support for dies and rollers with such a large manufacturer. Many different raw materials can be compressed in the pellet mill to be used as fuel.



When looking to purchase a used pellet mill, you do have to be careful that you are purchasing a pellet mill that can process your chosen raw material. For instance, there are two main categories of pellet mill, those designed for processing animal feed, and those designed for compressing wood and biomass materials into fuel pellets. The differences can range from different gearing, to larger drive motors and different dies and motors. Don't make the mistake of choosing an animal feed pellet mill as it is the cheaper option if you intend to produce wood pellets. You could be left with a pellet mill that you cannot use, have the spending of a lot of money modifying or even selling it on. At BiofuelTech, we help our website visitors understand the wood pellet production process and help them purchase the right quality equipment, directly from the manufacturer, saving thousands.