Wood Pellets Production

Used Pellet Mills

Nowadays in the current world market, there are a lot of used pellet mills for sale. From raw materials into various biomass pellets, the whole pelletizing process needs a series pelleting equipment, for example hammer mill, crusher, dryer, pelletizing machine, cooler, separator etc. Among these equipment, pellet mill is the most important, you can never make pellets without a pelletizing machine, but the fact is that the price of this piece of equipment is kind of expensive, so some people would like to purchase a used pellet mill to make their own pellets with much cheaper investment.


Nowadays in the current world market, there are a lot of used pellet mills for sale. So you will have a lot of choice. Take CPM pellet mill for example, CPM is one of the most famous brand pellet mill manufacturers in the world and major in pelletizing machines to produce pellets on a large scale, therefore even you buy a second hand famous brand used pellet mill, it won’t be so cheap as you think. The right way to choose your ideal used pellet mill is to know crystal clearly what kind pellets are you going to process. Maybe you are going to produce feed pellets or sometimes you are prefer to make biomass wood pellets for heating purposes, depend on different situations, you should select different pelletizing machines.


Pellet Mills


Pellet mills is the most significant equipment during the whole pelleting process, it is also named pellet mill, pellet press etc. Pellet mill is used in various different industries and areas for different purposes, but the key purpose remains the same, that is to reduce the volume of a raw material by processing it through the machine to increase the materials specific gravity and density and finally converting the raw material into pellets. There are also two kinds pellet mills, flat die pelletizing machine and the ring die pelletizing machine. Flat die pelletizing machine is also known as small pellet machine, so if you want to produce pellets just for home or residential uses, this small pelletizing machine will be your best choice. However, the ring pellet mill is designed for large scale pelletizing purpose.