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Pellet machine


A pellet machine is a description also used to describe a pellet mill or pellet press. The aim of a pellet machine would be to compress various resources into small pellets. Pellet machines are utilized in numerous different industries as well as for diverse purposes, however the core purpose of a pellet machine continues to be the same.


The Purpose of a Pellet Machine

A pellet machine can be used for a variety of different purposes, however, the key  principle, of a pellet machine is used to cut down the volume of a raw material and increase the specific gravity and density of materials. This implies transforming the raw material into pellets by processing it with the machine.

Feed Pellets And Premium Wood Pellets

Pellet machines are already used for more than a century to cut back the volume of animal feed products as well as produce specific feeds for specific animals. Different feed mode can be made with different health supplements that particular animals require in a nutritious diet. This feed mode will then be compressed into pellets inside the pellet machine.

Animal Bedding Pellets For Horses


Wood shavings have been traditionally used for horse bedding, however it has been confirmed that the dust contained inside the shavings may cause health problems to the horses and difficulty in breathing. By making use of pellet machines, it's possible to turn the wood shavings into pellets. These pellets are extremely absorbent and have a minimum of dust.

Wood Pellet Fuel As A Substitute


Over the last decade fuel pellets and specially wood pellets are actually taken seriously as an alternative to gas and oil. Wood pellets work like a liquid, and flow easily through hopper systems. The high density of the pellets also means a higher combustion temperature and low maintenance. This makes wood pellet fuel unlike wood logs a serious proposition to the average owner of a house as an alternative to using oil or gas.