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Are you looking for high-quality and cost-effective wood pellet machines? At BiofuelTech we not only offer wood pellet machines with high quality and cost-effectiveness, but also Technical Guide on wood pellet machines and pellets making.

AKG BiofuelTech Co., Ltd is a modern enterprise which specializes in machine design, manufacturing, production line design, installation, accessories parts, and after service care in the biomass pellets processing industry. At present, the group has a corporate office in Changping Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. AKG BiofuelTech is one of the first companies to start researching in the field of biomass pelleting technology in China. Due to a lack of biomass pelletizing experiences, most companies were completely dependant on the theories of grain feed machinery in the early stage. These machines have many disadvantages including high rotate speed, low output, poor performance in pelletizing, high mechanical loss, and high cost to manufacture. Such experiences are still followed by some manufacturers now. But AKG BiofuelTech found that it was not acceptable to apply the theory of grain feed machines according to its research started 2003, and took bold actions to improve the stagnant technology. The company's core technologists carried out many discussions with professor groups specialized in biomass pellet technology from Tsinghua University. After 8 years of repeated testing and discussions, the groups achieved great success in the adjustment of the main structure, improvement of the ring die and compression roller, lubrication system, mechanical transmission system, durability of functioning and rationality of pelletizing processes. Based on developed foreign biomass pellet molding technology and independent research and innovation, the group successfully developed a complete biomass pellet plant which is able to process saw dust, bits of wood, straw, wood shaving, and other biomass materials into pellets fuel. Pellets have advantages including high density, uniform length, wonderful appearance, and fewer flaws. All the technical data has reached international standards.

The group now has the leading technology of biomass pellets in China, has five national inventive patents and over 20 utility model patents. In 2009, AKG BiofuelTech was officially praised by the Local Government as a scientific and technical innovative enterprise.

All those factors above has given AKG BiofuelTech a leading advantage in machinery research, manufacturing, accessories parts, and transportation in China’s biomass pellet processing industry. The group is now having large mold forging workshops, China most advanced ring die vacuum quenching furnace and a complete production chain consist of several auxiliary equipment manufacturers. Meanwhile, AKG BiofuelTech has built a strong team which helps the clients from zero knowledge in this field to independent production and sale. We can also help the clients design the production line according to different needs, different materials, and different site conditions with our complete service chain of investigation, installation, training, maintenance, sale, and recycling pellet fuel.

In the face of the fierce competition, AKG BiofuelTech is determined to build a group with domestic and international influence in biomass equipment manufacturing. It will build its group with actual strength, boost its development with scientific and technical innovation, and secure its future with impeccable quality.

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