Wood Pellets Production

Wood Pellet Manufacturing Equipment

Wood pellet manufacturing equipment is utilized to produce wood pellets as a replacement to fossil fuel.

Wood pellets are a green renewable product made from recycled waste materials from companies that would normally discard or burn their wood waste. Instead, the wood scraps, cardboard, small wood chips and sawdust are processed at the wood pellet manufacturing plant into green renewable energy for heating homes, businesses and hotels.



Wood pellet manufacturing plants are often located just outside large forest stands. Situated near lumber mills and other wood-working business for easy pick-up of their waste wood off-cuts, sawdust and other by-products such as cardboard waste, wood pellet manufacturing plants recycle such waste into valuable fuel in the form of wood pellets.



The size of the wood pellets are similar to that of pelleted feed; in fact, the waste wood products are processed in equipment similar to that in a feed mill and a superior product is achieved with minimum effort. The small pellets are then bagged and loaded onto trucks to be delivered to hardware stores for sale to people and businesses with pellet stoves.



The type of scrap wood and waste wood products used to manufacture the wood pellets will determine the quality of the heat they produce in a pellet stove. Pellet stoves are almost smokeless and do not need to be stoked and fed as often as regular wood stoves.



Pellet stove surfaces do not get hot like regular woodstoves. The outer shell stays cool to the touch; therefore it is safer for children to be around. Bags of wood pellets are easy to load into the hopper and last longer than wooden logs would burn in a woodstove. Bags of wood pellets stack neatly without leaving unsightly bark and splinter debris on the floor. Electricity is needed to run a pellet stove; however, it still provides toasty warmth.



A house of 2,000 square feet will use approximately 2 tons of wood pellets over a winter season, making wood pellets more economical than cordwood. Sacks of wood pellets will usually be delivered by the company selling them for a small fee, however, shop around for the best price and the best BTUs.