Wood Pellets Production

Wood Pellet Plant


Want to make wood pellets?

Start saving on your energy bills today by recycling your waste into pellets that can be burned for fuel.

Learn from us as we show you what equipment is right for you based on the material you’d like to convert into pellets. Everything from wood byproducts, sawdust, plastic, foam, wheat, barley, cotton, fibre waste, and other biomass material can be turned into pellets suitable for burning.

For specific questions about the pellet making process please visit our website.

Certified Quality Manufacturing

Our factory in Anyang, China is proud to have an ISO9001 certification as well as patent protected technologies our research and development team has produced. We also have a CCC certificate of low voltage Electric Appliance, and a CE certification based on international standards.


How Can Pellets Help You?

Pellets have been produced for over a century by using heat and pressure through the use of pellet mills. Small cylindrical pellets can be produced from a variety of materials and for different purposes. In the 1970’s it was common to produce pellets from animal feed, but recently many started to produce wood pellets as a renewable fuel source as gas prices rose. Nowadays, with fuel prices skyrocketing and an ever-increasing importance placed on green fuels, wood pellets are in high demand.

Want to Learn More About Making Pellets?

Making pellets can seem daunting for someone new, that’s why we made a free guide for making pellets you can download from our website...or contact us now with any specific questions and we will respond within 1 business day!

What are the pellets made from?

Pellets can be made from wood / sawdust/ plastic / foam / wheat / barley / cotton and fibre waste. They also need a wet ingredient, such as steam or molasses.


Wood Pellet Plant


Wood pellet plant is also known as wood pellet line or pellet plant which refers to a set of complete wood pellet mills to produce biomass wood pellets on a large scale. Besides wood pellet making machine, some other auxiliary equipment are also needed in the pelleting process, such as hammer mill, crusher, hot stove, rotary dryer, cooler, separator, packing machine etc.

Every single machine in this plant is of high performance and their operations are shown on the electrical panels. Our complete wood pellet plant is characterized by compact structure, small footprint, low energy consumption, and high efficiency. Every single machine of the wood pellet plant can be designed and manufactured according to customer's requirements, professional technicians will also personally help you with the installation and give helpful guidance to you.