Wood Pellets Production

Wood Pelletizer Machine

Today more and more wood pelletizer machine suppliers are emerging in the world market. But not all the people know clearly about pellet machine. Below are some knowledge on pellet machine.

A biomass pellet machine is used to compress wood residues into biomass pellets. Biomass pellets have quite a lot of different uses including energy pellets, animal bedding as well as even BBQ pellets. The process of producing wood pellets in a wood pelletizer machine relies on the basic principles of heat along with pressure. Heat is required to break down the bonds within the wood, as well as to soften the untreated binding agent lignin. Pressure then forces the biomass in its new softened state into pellet shapes. More than a few factors influence how well the process operates plus the quality of the pellets. These factors include moisture content, matter density, particle size, untreated binding abilities as well as more than a few other factors.


Wood pelletizer machine is most commonly used to manufacture wood pellet energy. Wood pellet energy over recent years has grown rapidly in popularity because of high oil prices and concerns over climate change. Once the biomass has been processed through the wood pelletizer machine, a high quality, and high density, high heat value energy is shaped. One of the many reward to wood pellet stoves along with boilers, is that they can feed energy at a controlled regulated rate into the burn chamber to buy the desired heat value. Wood pellet energy also burns far more efficiently than traditional biomass logs. This technique a higher heat value can be achieved by way of less fuel, less maintenance is required as well as much less smoke is formed improving air quality. In fact once a pellet fire is up to temperature, no visible smoke or particulates are seen coming from the flue. Wood pellet construction is dominated with large scale producers. On the other hand more people are interested in producing biomass pellets on a small scale. Therefore at Biofuel Tech we are developing a small mobile biomass pellet machine, to process a mixture of wood plus biomass residues into pellets. The unit has its own on-board Perkins diesel power unit and variable displacement hydraulic drive system. The unit covers raw material size reduction, hopper by means of variable speed feeding in addition to the pellet mill.


Using a wood pelletizer machine to manufacture quality biomass pellets is a technically demanding process. The operator must have an in-depth knowledge of how the process operates, along with the likely complications as well as issues that could arise. As more individuals along with organizations are looking into biomass pellet machines, at Biofuel Tech we have developed a guide on the process, to provide background knowledge before purchasing any equipment. The Wood Pellet Construction Guide is a concise information guide on the process of producing wood and other biomass pellets as well as exactly how the wood pelletizer machine actually works. The guide is broken up into ten steps, in a simple to read format by way of accompanying illustrations, examples to the right.